21 November 2006

Drop the Needle

T-Ra provided our craft group with a plethora of card making supplies during Sunday's monthly get-together, so I decided to put down my crochet hook and make a card for a friend of mine who's been dealing with some really crappy... crap lately. (Thanks, T-Ra!)

I like homemade gifts to look like homemade gifts (thankfully, I suck, so this is not a difficult effect to achieve), so instead of using a paper-cutter for a precise, sharp edge, I decided to just fold and tear the edges of the paper.

As you can see, I also used a decorative edge punch. I really like the antiqued effect.

The card looked a little naked from behind (don't we all), so I threw on a "made for you by" line and a little flower design. (Which also happens to be tattooed to my lower back.)

My next project? To figure out how to make an envelope out of regular paper. I'm sure there are instructions out there somewhere!


Slayermel said...

I think your card turned out totally awesome. I like your little added touch for dressing up the back of the card, great Idea. I may just have to borrow it. I think T, will have a beautiful smile on her face when she opens it up. Let me know if you find a pattern to make an envelope. I've been looking for a while. I have found some stencils on E-bay but I was hopping to find something with out a price attached since I'm still in the beginner stages myself.

T-Ra said...

Ask and ye shall receive. I have envelope patterns. Send me an email to remind me and I'll send them to you.

I do love the card Em. As much as you say you suck you make beee-u-tee-ful things.

Puffy said...

You are very talented!