30 October 2006

Happy (almost) Hallowe'en!!

One of the coolest Hallowe'en crochet patterns I found was for a Hallowe'en Bookmark. The result is a pattern that resembles Jack-O-Lanterns.

Be sure to check out T-Ra's site for the spiderweb table-topper pattern -- it's pretty damn impressive.

My favourite Hallowe'en craftivity™ (that is a brand new word I just made up!) is carving pumpkins. There are plenty of free Jack-O-Lantern templates available on the web. I got my Pirate Skull pattern free from Pumpkin Masters.

On a completely unrelated note, I bought a pair of (cute) new craft scissors for my crochet hook case, and I found it ironic that I required scissors to remove them from their constrictive packaging. Talk about bad product packaging.

Whatever your plans, have a spooktacular Hallowe'en!

~ Em


Slayermel said...

I love the bookmark and I'm going to try it. Now that I'm finally mostly settled into my new place I'm able to pull out my crafts again. God I missed them so...

I absolutely Love the Pirate Pumpkin, my Pumpkins never turn into cool Jack-o-lanterns, but then again I never thought of looking up a stencil... duh

As for the Scissors that happened to me at work a while ago and I was not to pleased. I would not have gone to get a new pair of scissors if I knew where the old ones where.

Have a very Spooky, Happy and Safe Halloween.
Luv Ya

T-Ra said...

Dog-gammit! I need orange yarn for all the fun Hallowe'en crafts! I'm gonna need to plan better next year.

Puffy said...

Love the bookmark!