16 September 2006

These Booties Were Made for Walkin'

The baby shower was today and I was up until after midnight last night and before nine this morning, but I finally finished these damn booties! They really are quite sweet, but my pictures don't really do them justice. Here's the image from the pattern:

The pattern indicates these are "easy", but I might go as far as to say they are a good intermediate project. There's nothing too funky about them - your basic stitches and decreases - but they are a tad tricky. Since they're crocheted with the teeny-tiny D-hook and skinny-mini baby yarn, they're a bit difficult to get a handle on.

Plus, as you can see, they're a combination of 3 separate pieces, and there's a tiny bit of sewing involved. I can't for the life of me remember where I found the pattern, but if you want it, just let me know and I can send it to you. It's from the June 2005 issue of Crochet World magazine, and it's a welcome change from all the basic (boring!) bootie patterns. Although, these are quite feminine... not sure if you'd want to make them for a boy. But hey -- to each their own!

I also did up another quick baby hat avec fleur (pattern links on the right ----->).

~ Em


Slayermel said...

wow...Em the booties turned out quite cute. I have a book some where that I need to find to show you. It's filled with interesting patterns for baby shoes. Cowboy boots, roller skates etc.... wonder where I put it. I'll find it and try to bring it to the craft night or the D-Man's B-day to show you.

Puffy said...

I love how you call them "these damn booties."

Emily RugBurn said...

Mel -- That would be *AWESOME*! I'm looking for a cut bootie pattern that'll work for a boy or a girl.

Puffy -- They were more challenging than I anticipated! Lesson learned! (Dammit!)

T-Ra said...

Those booties are awesome! Definitely looks tricky. But I must say that if you can handle that you can handle making a cute little mouse. Maybe your next baby project can be a cut toy mobile or something. Mind you that'll take much much longer. Anyway, great job on the booties, you'll have to pass along the pattern.

Slayermel said...

Thank you for the pattern Em.. It's on my list of things to try now. *giggle* and the list is getting long.

...Nikkisworld said...

I Love these cutie booties...
Could you send me the pattern?
I need to make these!