07 September 2006

Baby Steps: My First "real" Crochet Projects

Fortunately (and coincidentally), right before I found out I needed to have surgery on both my feet, my good friend T-Ra taught me the basics of crochet. Her 45 minute lesson was enough to get me started on a "Dish Soap Apron" - a really great beginner project, that although can't be classified as "useful", was still fun to do, and hey - it's better than looking at a plain, plastic bottle.

Seeing as how I know a total of 5, yes FIVE pregnant ladies (2 of whom are due mid-October), and I can't use my feet, I figured it'd be a good time to use my hands and try some baby crochet projects. My first project was the Bernat© Baby #296 Beautiful Baby Blanket. (This pattern is free - just register with the site.)

It only took about 3 (8-hour) days to complete (I can't walk anywhere, so what else was I gonna do!). I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. The knitted blanket I am/was working on is a much tighter stitch - less "baby" feeling and just not as soft or elegant. I much prefer the delicate look of crochet for baby stuff. (Plus, I'm an "instant gratification" kinda gal, and crocheting is MUCH faster than knitting, so this has been working out pretty well for me!)

After searching and searching (and searching), I finally found a great beginner Baby Bootie pattern. I read about ten bootie patterns before this one (maybe more), but this was the only one that made sense. And the best part? Beginners, like me, can crochet a pair in less than an hour.

Next, I tackled this Baby Hat by Susan L. Kraus. Much to my surprise, this was, by far, the easiest project. It took about an hour (give or take), but the results are pretty impressive (especially considering nearly the entire thing is double crochet). Susan aslo has a matching bootie pattern which I am anxious to try out. Thanks, Susan!

I really like the look of classic white or ivory baby items, but I am looking forward to crocheting in colour. Since none of the ladies (except one, and her shower is next Saturday) knows the sex of their baby, I see a lot of green and yellow in my future!

Anyway, I hope other hookers find this blog. If you want to share any tips, tricks or patterns, please do so -- that's what it's all about!

~ Em


T-Ra said...

Damn! I'm impressed! My first project was a scarf, real creative. The stuff you've done looks great. I've got some fun projects for you. I'll have to give you the patterns next time I see ya!

Emily RugBurn said...

T-Ra - I was soooo gonna call you the week of my surgery. I found some stuff on my own (obviously), but I loved your little hook holder case thingy that you did. I can't wait to see you so you can gimme the goods! (And of course, so I can "see" you!)

Later, hooker! ;o)


widepart said...

OH NO! ! ! !
now I have two hookers in the family.........what will my friends say?