09 September 2006

Hats are *Tops*!

Finally -- something good to come of insomnia!

I forgot that I had a ball of Patons Shetland Chunky in Charcoal grey left over from a cable scarf I knit for my husband, and I've got enough baby yarn to clothe an orphange, so, while I was busy not sleeping, I figured -- why not try an adult size hat?

It features the same Two-Layer Irish Rose as discussed in my last post, only this time I decided to try it with two colours.

And -- instead of ending with a round of sc like the Double Crochet Head Hugger pattern suggests, I opted to do a row of ch3, sk next st, hdc to give it a slightly more decorative edging.

This is one of those classic looking hats that looks good on everyone, and never goes out of style. (Which is fortunate for every woman I know with a birthday between now and March!)

I'm looking forward to trying this out with a less chunky yarn, but I'm still pretty happy with it as is.

I crocheted a couple of these flower appliques thinking I would use them on this hat, but it would definitely have been overkill, so I will either save them for my next chapeau, or they'll get attached to one of the baby projects.

~ Em


T-Ra said...

That looks great. The two-toned flower worked out really well. As for it being flattering to all... I'll have to reserve judgement on that, mine is one noggin that ain't so hat friendly!

Emily RugBurn said...

T-Ra - I think this would look really cute on you. I will make you try it on (against your will!) when I see you next.


hbomb76 said...

Well, I was up until 12:30 last night, but I finished the hat :) will take pics tonight!!! :)


Emily RugBurn said...

H -- addicting, ain't it?

I can't wait to see it!!

Slayermel said...

Love the hat Em.... I'm very impressed that your to the point where your switching stitches to make your own edging. The hat's gorgeous though, you will have to bring it to our craft night so I can see it up close. Not sure I'm ready for this yet. Might need you to walk me through it step by step...*giggle*.

Emily RugBurn said...

Mel - if you can single crochet and double crochet, you can make this hat in an hour. I can definitely walk you through it, but I have a feeling you won't need much help!

hbomb76 said...

Finally posted my pictures at http://scarfaholic.blogspot.com/ Check it out!!


Puffy said...

"enough baby yarn to clothe an orphanage" *snort*

Have you see lvoetulips' blog? She knits, too.